Sully's Cafe at The Green Room
A podcast dedicated to the local music scene of Southern New England.

"Proof Tammy"

Sully and Josh introduce the show and thank Sully's Cafe's latest sponsor The Bucket Brewery!  Then, the gents have a great discussion of the scene this week with mentions of Re-creation Tuesday featuring Music Solutions Edition; Jam Jazz with Relative Souls;Sleepy Wonder and teh Geometric Echos; as well as The Round Square Music Festival at Theater 82 hosted by Steve Allain featuring Kayla Ringelheim, Daphne Lee Martin, Haunt The House, Allysen Callery, and Dan Blakeslee.  The gents welcome Tammy Laforest to the Green Room for a lengthy conversation and a performance of three songs, as well as Chuck Staton for a lenthy conversation.  The guys wrap up discussing a number of upcoming Tunes Around Town.

Approximate Run Time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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