Sully's Cafe at The Green Room
A podcast dedicated to the local music scene of Southern New England.

Sully and Josh are joined in the studio by Mike Rabito, Will Raymund and Andrew Krahn of The Effective Dose in The Green Room.  Short staffed, The Effective Dose brought some tracks from their Friday July 23rd show to share with the listeners, to give a full effect of their live set.  Discussion of The Scene included elaborate details on many Sound Session events including The Divine Second Line Brass Band, What Cheer Brigade, Trombone Shorty, Creation Tuesday featuring Heather Waxman, The Southern New England Music Conference, Soldiers of Life, A*Live Fridays, Who Dem, The Sound Session Finale Parade, Kyle Nicholas, Viral Sound and a surprise appearance from Fungus Amungus.


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Sully and Josh are joined in the studio by For the Love of Sloane and discuss their many awards and accolades as well as a big show they had recently performed, and another, even bigger show they have coming up soon.  After a lengthy discussion Sloane had the opportunity to play four songs before heading out the door to stay on their schedule.  Dennis Emsley joined the gents to help out at the sound board, and make sure they could muster the best sound possible without the presence of Sharkbone or Rene.  They discuss the insanely busy past week in local music with quick coverage of a lot of the shows that had happened in Providence, including but not limited to, Creation Tuesday, Shane Manzi and Friends, Jon Tierney, Dan Mills, Daniel Chase, Chris Rosenquest, Nicky P, Kris Hansen, Scare Don't Fear, Shannon Corey, Funkatronic, Spogga, Suave Richardson and Santa Mamba.  Tunes Around Town is perhaps a bit thinner in discussion this week than most, but with Providence Sound Session happening, more than enough music to quench your ears can be found all over "The Creative Capital."


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Sully, Josh and Rene are joined by Donald King of The Black Repertory Theater and Afrosonic Collective as well as Armande Milhouse of Audio McSwagger for discussions of what they've got going on as well Providence Sound Session.  Armonde brought three tracks to share with the audience, "Under My Skin," "Selfish," and "Oh." Discussion of The Scene includes full detailed reviews of sets from Rounding Off Numbers; Spogga and Joey Spinella with guest appearances from Mike Sahashian, Sidy Maiga, and Matt Odabasian; Paul Lowe Jr and the I-95s; Kyle Nicholas; Sauce; The Shane Manzi Band; Dan Mills; and Barefoot Truth. The gents wen't a bit long this time around, about 1 hour 37 minutes, but still had plenty of time to cover upcoming Tunes Around Town!

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Sully's Cafe at The Greenroom Episode 5, Frequency with a Bang

Sully and Sharkbone met on the Fourth of July to bang out a quick episode.  They spend some time discussing this past week's Creation Tuesday and the musicans who took part, and a quick run down of the tunes around town for the coming week.  Sharkbone's bandmates join the lads in the studio and do a three song performance.  Songs include "Money," "Immigrant," and "Goblin Handle."

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