Sully's Cafe at The Green Room
A podcast dedicated to the local music scene of Southern New England.

The Green Room was a little short staffed this week so Sully was joined by Dennis Emsley as co-host. Normally the silent sound engineer, Dennis stepped to the mic to provide help with banter and band input. Josh Grabert of the Gamblin Hands ventured to the studio for the normal interview and performance, but sat in on all sections of the show, providing input and asking a few well timed questions. Josh plays six of his originals for the Green Room, “Saint Peter,” “Take My Soul,” “Brow Street,” “Life on a River,” “K Dubbs and AQ,” and “Its a Feeling.”


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Josh and Sully quickly discuss the happenings on The Scene this past week before being joined by Jay Berndt and Dan Mills, two very different songwriters.  They speak with Jay first who plays four songs from his upcoming release "Sad Bastard Songs;" "Nameless," "Black, Tan and Wasted," "Different Things," and "Considering Taking My Life."  Dan Mills follows and talks about his album "Fiction in Photographs," as well as a couple of upcoming shows on his calendar.  He follows suit with four songs as well "Bernadette," "Rhody Girl," "Some Things," and "Just As Scared."  After the guest double feature, the gents run down the long list of Tunes Around Town for this upcoming week!

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Sully and Josh discuss last week's shows including Creation Tuesday, Providence Promotion's Blues Revival featuring Shane Manzi and Friends, Zach Deputy, and SEXCoffee's comeback show featuring For The Love of Sloane and Pistol Shot Gypsy, complete with after-party featuring VulGarrity and Rounding Off Numbers. The gents are then joined by G. W. Mercure of The Benedictions, a local singer songwriter who had chance to play four tunes for The Green Room, two tracks from "The Benedictions Play Devil Music," "Light at the End of the Tunnel," and "Till I've Died," as well as two new tracks, "I Do Not Play No Rock and Roll," and "I Used to Be Such a Nice Boy."  As usual the boys wrap up with a rundown of tunes going on around town this upcoming week!

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Full Atoms come together and join Sully and Josh in the studio for chat about their recent formation and three Live at the Green Room Tracks, "Full Circle," "The Gutter," and "Midget March."  The gents discuss last week's festivities throughout The Scene with details on Creation Tuesday, a Special 4Zero1 night at The Underground with Audio McSwagger and the Naukabout Festival.  Lots of great show upcoming this week, with great back to back double venue bill Friday, SEXCoffee's Comeback show with Pistol Shot Gypsy and For the Love of Sloane at the Colosseum, followed by VulGarrity and Rounding Off Numbers at The Spot Underground.


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Sully and Josh are visited by Jeff Conley, by way of Cape Cod.  After a long and detailed discussion of the scene, including Creation Tuesday, G.W. Mecure and Allysen Callery, and Sauce with Fungus Amungus, the boys chat with Jeff about his music, band, Naukabout Music Festival and his homemade stringed instruments.  Jeff performs solo playing four songs for The Green Room, "For Gibby," "A Thousand Steps," "Just a Branch," and "A Door."  As usual, the show raps up with a quick round up of upcoming shows, and a quick thanks.

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